New avatars of KDA League of Legends - Futuristic Sci-Fi 3D Game Models by Steve

25 Jun 2021
Take a look at the futuristic 3d game models by Steve. League of Legends KDA is a pop girl group themed game. The 3d game models have a special story behind each one of it's 3d characters. The new characters Ahri, Akali, Evelynn and Kai'Sa are the main characters in the game. The 3d game is based on the real life stars Soyeon, Miyeon, Madison Beer and Jaira Burns. They are a K-pop group. The 3d model game model K-Pop stars look super cool in their new avatars. Steve is a freelance 3d modeler, animator and designer from the USA.
3d game model priest girl fantasy by steve 3d game model priest...

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